As the voice of highway safety, GHSA produces periodic news releases on topics of importance to its membership and the highway safety community.

In addition, both GHSA and its members are quoted in major national, regional and local media outlets. Select clippings from the past year are posted in the Media Coverage section below. An archive of media coverage dating back to 2017 can be found here

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News Releases

Past Winners

Pete Booker

Julian "Pete" Booker, President and CEO, and all of Delmarva Broadcasting Company are committed to improving teen driving safety in Delaware through the creation and implementation of the Smart Drive program. Mr.

Meharry-State Farm

The Meharry–State Farm Alliance (MSFA) was established in 2002 to reduce the large number of injuries and deaths among African American motorists by eliminating racial disparities in safety belt use.

Santa Monica Police Department

Following the 2003 Farmer's Market incident in Santa Monica where an elderly man accelerated his car into a crowded outdoor market, killing 10 people, the Santa Monica Police Department reacted with a new approach to pedestrian safety.

North Central Highway Safety Network

In 2000, Pennsylvania's occupant safety belt rate was at 71 percent. By 2004, through the efforts of the North Central Highway Safety Network's statewide highway safety initiative Buckle Up PA, safety belt use had climbed to 82 percent.

Idaho Transportation Department

In 2003, the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Traffic and Highway Safety was backlogged seven months in motor vehicle crash data. The paperwork involved in completing the standard Idaho Vehicle Crash Report was time consuming and led to inaccuracies.

Clermont County OH

In the past year, the Clermont County Sheriff's Office has taken many strides in reducing teenage driving fatalities. Before 2005, Clermont County had the most rural crashes and the seventh most DUI offenses involving underage drivers in Ohio.

AAA Clubs of Tennessee


Prior to 2004, only 20 states and the District of Columbia had enacted a primary enforcement safety belt law. In 2004, one other state joined the list. Thanks in large part to the leadership of the AAA Clubs of Tennessee, Tennessee became number 21.

WTSC Staff

While many states conduct "Click It or Ticket" programs, Washington is deserving of this honor because of the creative measures taken to ensure a strong campaign, and the undeniable effectiveness of the campaign.

Portage County Safe Communities

Portage County Safe Communities (PCSC) seamlessly integrated the Ravenna Police Department and Robinson Memorial Hospital in a successful effort to address the unique traffic safety issues Portage County faces.

Richard Perkins, Director

Maine's Crash Reporting System (MCRS) streamlined a paper data collection process that was untimely and prone to inaccuracies.

Media Coverage

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