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Past GHSA Annual Meetings

2014: Mapping out the Future: Highway Safety after MAP-21

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Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 6-10

GHSA’s 2014 Annual Meeting explored highway safety after MAP-21, focusing on what the future holds — from Congressional legislation to technology to new approaches and programs.

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2013: Highway Safety & Technology: Safely Navigating the Road Ahead

GHSA 2013 Annual Meeting: Highway Safety & Technology: Safely Navigating the Road Ahead

San Diego, Calif., Aug. 25 - 28

GHSA’s 2013 Annual Meeting tackled the issue of technology, looking at how technology presents both challenges and opportunities for the highway safety community.

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2012: Public Health + Highway Safety: Saving Lives Together

GHSA 2012 Annual Meeting: Public Health and Highway Safety: Saving Lives Together

Baltimore, Md., Aug. 26 - 29

GHSA members and partners explored highway safety from the public health perspective, focusing on how to apply successes in public health and highway safety to continue improving safety on our nation’s roadways. They also examined how to make highway safety a top public health priority.

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2011: Shifting Gears: Driving Culture Change in Highway Safety

GHSA 2011 Annual Meeting: Shifting Gears: Driving Culture Change in Highway Safety

Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 25 - 28

The 2011 GHSA Annual Meeting examined how to raise the visibility of highway safety and convince the public that traffic deaths are not a necessary cost of mobility, working toward creating a culture that embraces safe driving behavior as the norm.

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2010: Technology and Highway Safety: What's Driving Our Future?

GHSA 2010 Annual Meeting: Technology and Highway Safety: What's Driving Our Future?

Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 26 - 29

More than 550 highway safety professionals participated in the 2010 GHSA Annual Meeting. Together they examined technology’s benefits and challenges and shared best practices and strategies to help move America Toward Zero Deaths.

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2009: Toward Zero Deaths - Every Life Counts

GHSA 2009 Annual Meeting: Toward Zero Deaths - Every Life Counts

Savannah, Ga., Aug.30 - Sept. 2

The 2009 theme corresponded with GHSA's highway safety reauthorization position and GHSA's belief that all roadway deaths are preventable and that the most ambitious goal possible should be supported. Nearly 500 people attended.

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2008: Turning Knowledge into Action

GHSA 2008 Annual Meeting: Turning Knowledge into Action

Scottsdale, Ariz., Sept. 7 - 10

GHSA's 2008 Annual Meeting was focused on how highway safety research can translate into successful state programs. Nearly 400 highway safety professionals attended, and the meeting generated a great deal of news coverage.

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2007: Looking Beyond our Borders

GHSA 2007 Annual Meeting: Looking Beyond Our Borders

Portland, Ore., Sept. 23 - 26

The 2007 GHSA Annual Meeting covered strategies and programs that have improved highway safety in other countries, and how those strategies can be used in the United States. The meeting was attended by more than 450 federal, state and private sector highway safety officials.

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2006: New Frontiers in Highway Safety

GHSA 2006 Annual Meeting: New Frontiers in Highway Safety

Oklahoma City, Okla., Sept. 16 - 20

2006 GHSA Annual Meeting speakers included: the Honorable Richard Capka, Administrator, Federal Highway Administration; Glynn Birch, National President, Mothers Against Drunk Driving; and Jennifer Berry, Miss America 2006.

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2005: Navigating the Crash Course

GHSA 2005 Annual Meeting: Navigating the Crash Course

Norfolk, Va., Aug. 28 - 31

The 2005 GHSA Annual Meeting Speakers featured speakers such as: Larry Sabato, Director, Center for Politics, University of Virginia; the Honorable John Marshall, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety; and actress and highway safety advocate June Lockhart.

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Meeting Locations from Prior Years