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State Highway Safety Showcase

In-Car Camera Purchase for Law Enforcement

Delaware Office of Highway Safety

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The Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) developed a creative way to provide its law enforcement partners from across the state with much needed in-car cameras for their police vehicles.

OHS wanted to avoid selecting just one in-car camera vendor, thus forcing all the police agencies to purchase their equipment from one company. Most of the police departments were already using one of nine different in-car camera vendors. Selecting a single vender for all could force some agencies to change their back-end infrastructure and ultimately their well-defined Standard Operating Procedures regarding image capture already in place.

As a result, OHS set up a one-day in-car video camera demo with all current camera vendors for every police agency in the state. All nine vendors were invited to the Dover Downs Hotel and Conference Center to demonstrate their camera equipment. Every police agency in the state was invited to attend the 1/2 day event.

The day began with a brief meeting with law enforcement describing the flow of the event, questions they should ask the vendors, and information about the purchasing process. The agencies then met with the camera vendors to determine just which vendor/equipment best met their needs.

Within two weeks of the event, the police departments were required to supply OHS with an inventory list of how many police vehicles were in their fleet, their current invetory of in-car cameras, what their current camera needs were, as well as the vendor they selected. Following submission of this information, the OHS Director, LEL and DUI Program Manager identified how much funding would be made available to each police agency based on their needs.

Next, the agencies were required to purchase the equipment directly and submit the invoice to OHS for reimbursement. In order to be eligible for funds for in-car camera equipment, OHS required each agency to submit detailed Standard Operating Procedures for in-car camera use. Also, OHS paid for the camera equipment only – infrasturcture needs regarding servers and computers for image storage, etc. were the responsibility of the individual police departments.

OHS received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the its law enforcement partners as well as the vendors. Law enforcement indicated that they appreciated the opportunity to see all vendors at once to compare the options and make an educated decision about what direction to go. The vendors appreciated the opportunity to talk to their target audience face-to-face and have the ability to share the information about their product in that environment. OHS utilized Section 154 Transfer funds for this project.

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