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Electronic Crash Reporting

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

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Until recently, most agencies in Indiana did not submit crash reports electronically because of lack of computers in police units and a reluctance to change to a computer-generated system.

However, using their Electronic Vehicle Crash Records System (eVCRS), Indiana was able to increase the percentage of agencies submission of electronic crash reports from 32 percent in December, 2005 to 90 percent in October, 2007 and has become a leader in the nation on electronic crash reporting. Below is an outline of how this was accomplished:

Electronic Crash Submission Rates

Month Year Percent Electronically Submitted
December 2005 32%
March 2006 57%
July 2006 64%
October 2006 64%
December 2006 58%
March 2007 77%
July 2007 84%
October 2007 90%


Submission Timeliness of Crash Reports
Percentage of all crash reports submitted into the data repository with 5 days

Year Percentage
2003 8%
2004 7%
2005 26%
2006 37%
2007 60%


Crash Report Data Quality
The increase in electronic submissions greatly reduces the number of data quality errors that were being committed in paper submissions. This is a vast improvement over the number of paper reports that had critical errors, which was upwards of 40 percent. The current data quality error rate is 3 percent. Standardization of input and immediate feedback to the officer via eVCRS means complete, accurate and timely data is now available to NHTSA, FMCSA, FHA and other traffic safety stakeholders. Not only does better information lead to more informed decision-making, but timely and accurate data helps to develop programs counter crashes and save lives.

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