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Maine EMS Run Reporting System (MEMSRR)

Maine Bureau of Highway Safety

Maine EMS has had a mandatory statewide EMS run reporting system since 1982. The system started as a paper form that was completed by EMS providers and submitted to Maine EMS for manual keyboard entry into a database. Over the years, increasing call volume and end-user interest resulted in an extended lag between call date and data availability. At the same time, technology was providing significant advances and opportunities.

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The first attempt to convert to an electronic run reporting system in 1999 turned out to be a false start when the vendor selected was unable to provide adequate technical support for a statewide system.

In 2004, Maine EMS hired a consultant to perform an assessment of the Maine EMS data system, including interviews with key stakeholders and a survey sent to all EMS services. Based upon the information collected, a second request for proposal was released in 2004 (and subsequently modified in January 2005).

ImageTrend, Inc., Lakeville, Minn. was selected as the vendor for the Maine EMS Run Reporting System (MEMSRR), which began as a voluntary reporting option in January 2006. ImageTrend’s software is NEMSIS gold compliant.

Initial funding was provided by Maine Centers for Disease Control (ME CDC) to support the initial contract with ImageTrend and for Maine EMS to hire a data coordinator to lead this project. Considerable time and effort was (and continues to be) spent on educating EMS providers, hospital personnel, and others about the importance of quality patient care documentation. Funding was provided by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety (408 & 402 grants) to subsidize the expenses (hardware and software) for EMS services to convert to MEMSRR.

In 2007, Maine was one of the first five states to submit data to NEMSIS.

Effective April 1, 2009, all services were required to submit run reports via MEMSRR. Services are not required to use ImageTrend software, provided that the software used are also NEMSIS gold compliant and able to successfully have data validated by MEMSRR.

Effective October 1, 2009, Maine EMS Rules required that services submit run reports into MEMSRR within three business days of a call.

Of Maine’s 278 EMS services, 53% (134) are using a web portal for direct entry into MEMSRR. Of the remaining services who are exporting data to MEMSRR, 84% (121) are using the ImageTrend FieldBridge software, 16% (23) are using other software vendors.

As of April 2010, there were more than 550,000 records in MEMSRR.

Current data efforts include: ongoing MEMSRR training for service administrators and EMS providers to improve data quality; linkage with other data systems (e.g. CODES, hospital medical records, public health surveillance): and building the infrastructure for web-based public access to aggregate reports.

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