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2011 Summer Public Awareness Campaign

New Mexico Dept. of Transportation Traffic Safety Bureau

In 2011, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) launched a public awareness campaign across multiple media platforms to support the state's summer traffic safety law enforcement blitz. The campaign addressed DWI, night time seatbelt usage, speeding/reckless driving, and texting while driving.

The innocent victims in drunk driving and other unsafe driving behavior are often family members and friends of the driver. This dynamic was the focus of our "Where Are You?" campaign, which featured four different TV spots. When Tomás fails to show up at a family birthday party, it is the disappointment, worry and fear of his family that provides the emotional pull in the anti-DWI spot, "Where's Tomás?" Distracted, aggressive driving is dealt with in "Where's Mom?" In "Where's Joe?," the results of not wearing a seatbelt in a deadly night crash are shown from the perspective of a softball team who grow concerned when one of their players doesn't show up for a post-game gathering. Finally, when two teens fail to meet up with their friends on a summer afternoon in "Where's Brandon & Jessica," everyone fears the worst. And their fears are, unfortunately, justified.

As a companion to the "Where's Brandon & Jessica" traditional broadcast campaign, a video shot with a smartphone was created to appear as if it had been filmed inside a car by the actual victims of a car crash. The video was placed on YouTube anonymously. To date, it has received over 236,000 views and has stirred up a lively conversation regarding the reckless and dangerous behavior of the two protagonists.

DWI is Embarrassing billboard

Placed along Route 66 in Albuquerque, outdoor billboards appealed to the 18-34 male demographic, engaging 33,000 interactions over a three month period. These outdoor campaigns were designed to remain "evergreen," since billboards in New Mexico can remain on display for years after the campaign has run its course. Three dimensional, extension and traditional "flat" boards were all deployed to get the driving public's attention.

In 2004, there were 219 DWI-related fatalities on New Mexico's roadways. Preliminary numbers for 2011 indicate an approximate 35 percent decrease. There has been an increased public awareness of the many tactics used by law enforcement to combat the unsafe and illegal behavior. The DWI campaign, in particular, has a 90 percent retention rate among the public. Seat belt safety campaigns continue to help the state maintain a seat belt compliance rate of 90 percent.

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