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The Director of Member Engagement and Communications will grow awareness about TSR and our members. This will help advance our work and recruit and retain member companies. This means recognizing TSR’s members and partners and promoting our collective work. The director will also work to engage TSR members and work with other TSR staff to encourage member participation in our work.

As a business coalition, it is important that the Director of Member Engagement and Communications bring a business-to-business lens to TSR’s work and build relationships with members’ and partners’ corporate communications staff and corporate social responsibility divisions. The Director of Member Engagement and Communications will report to TSR’s President.


The Director of Member Engagement and Communications will manage TSR’s owned and earned communications. This means producing and publishing our monthly member newsletter and annual report, coordinating our regular member calls, publishing website updates and coordinating with our members and partners on content. It also includes publishing press releases and working with reporters and TSR staff to garner coverage. The director will use social media to amplify all of this. They are also responsible for managing TSR’s email list and other digital assets: website platform, social media accounts, email list management platform, etc.

The position will also oversee the production of TSR’s annual member meeting. The annual meeting is our most important opportunity to engage members and recruit new ones. We use the event to brief our members and partners on our work, recognize the collaborations that make it happen and get feedback on it.

In addition to our annual meeting, the director will manage TSR’s participation in other events and conferences. They will secure speaking and sponsorship opportunities for the organization. They will also work with TSR members’ corporate communications staff and partners to secure speaking opportunities at their events and others where they participate.

The Director will manage a budget to hire consultants as needed (e.g., graphic designers, writers and event staff) and to support TSR’s participation in conferences and other events.

Work involves some travel.


Desired Skills

  • Detail-oriented planning to manage multiple projects and partners at the same time
  • Exceptional and fast writing and editing
  • Ability to use WordPress or similar website management platform
  • Ability to use MailChimp or similar email management platform
  • Familiarity with social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and related management tools


  • Business-to-business marketing and communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns
  • Coalition management and project management experience
  • Message definition and development
  • Proven work with the media to place stories, garner coverage and request corrections or updates
  • Familiarity with Vision Zero and similar road safety programs
  • Experience fostering public-private partnerships


Remote, preferably New York City metro area or San Francisco Bay area

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter, resume and one 2-4 page writing sample and one 1-2 page editing sample  to with “Director of Member Engagement and Communications application” in the subject line.

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