Law Enforcement Program Manager

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
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The Program Manager, Law Enforcement Programs (LEPM) is responsible for the development, monitoring and disseminating of information in the broad area of the AAMVA Law Enforcement Program, and more specifically in the areas of DMV Investigations and NMVTIS use by law enforcement.

The LEPM, under the direction of the Director, Law Enforcement Programs, will lead the development and implementation of projects, programs, and best practices/policies related to law enforcement programs. This position is responsible for serving as the staff liaison to working groups and task forces and will conduct research, prepare analysis, and write reports in support of the assigned projects and programs.  

Additionally, this position is responsible for initiating, maintaining, and cultivating stakeholder relationships.


  • Manage, support, and provide direction to other committees, subcommittees, working groups, and ad hoc groups as required and assigned. (20%)
  • Travel to, coordinate, and conduct conference and workshop sessions and other meetings related to assigned projects. (20%)
  • Manage the NMVTIS Law Enforcement Subcommittee and coordinate the activities and action items of and for that group. (15%)
  • Manage member and stakeholder relationships with the AAMVA membership, federal agencies, and other law enforcement and motor vehicle related organizations. (10%)
  • Travel to and serve on external partner committees and attend meetings as prescribed by the AAMVA Director, Law Enforcement Programs. (10%)
  • Assist in defining program and division goals and establishing priorities; assist in the review of and comment on proposed federal legislation and rules related to law enforcement programs as required. (5%)
  • Contribute to the development of the overall Law Enforcement Program budget and own the responsibility of all budget related data entry (COGNOS) for the program. (5%)
  • Effectively manage communications, including, but not limited to written correspondence, email, phone, etc. dealing with LEPM issues. (5%)
  • Review, gain stakeholder feedback, and recommend updates on law enforcement program information on the AAMVA website at least annually. (5%)
  • Perform other duties as assigned. (5%)

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